John Scalzi channels Robert Heinlein

Some of you may recall Mr. John Scalzi from the recent Electrolite dustup. While Mr. Scalzi and I happen to hold diametrically opposed positions on the situation of women and the academy, we did have a friendly exchange of emails subsequent to the public flamethrowing.

I finished John’s first novel today, (his first CONVENTIONALLY-PUBLISHED novel, anyhow), and it was very entertaining. I’ll post a review of it here soon, but in the meantime I can state with some assurance that if you enjoy Heinlein or military SF, you will very likely get a kick out of OLD MAN’S WAR. I quite liked it myself.

Interestingly enough, he even managed to come up with a reasonable means of putting women in the military. In light of the way in which I first encountered the author, I found this more than a little amusing.