Surf’s up

In case anyone happens to be interested, Elliott Wave International is going to be giving free access to its specialty services next week. These are the daily updates, ten or twelve per day, offering higher detail wave analysis while the markets are open. I’ve used one of their currency services to good effect over the last month, and if you’re into one of the markets they cover, I’d encourage you to have a look at it, especially if you’re skeptical.

It’s an art, not a science, but I believe it has a more rational basis than the conventional financial analysis and commentary, much of which is demonstrably absurd. It’s not magic nor does it work flawlessly, but I have found it to be a useful tool. I’ll post a link to the free access signup on the day it starts.

Full disclosure: I do not accept any money from EWI, but commissions from sales derived from this blog’s participation in their affiliate program have gone and will continue to go to charity and towards access to their various services.