I’m not always down with Ledeen, but…

Michael Ledeen writes on NRO:

It is utterly infuriating, almost maddening, to try to watch the Rosary at St Peter’s, because the accursed tv people just will not ever let us watch an event. They must tell us what to think about it, even as it is happening. And so we lose a sense of the real drama, we just cannot experience it for ourselves, they will always be there between us and real life.

Preach teacher! TV people, when something big is happening live, for the love of all that is good and holy, SHUT UP! If we wanted a non-stop description, we’d listen to the bloody radio. The absolute nadir of the TV news is not car chases or even the Jackson trial, it is watching some idiot talking head who probably scored under 1000 on his SATs trying to pontificate about the importance of whatever it is he’s “covering”.

No wonder the Internet is killing TV viewerships.