Mailvox: Bobby Knight on immigration

An old-timer’s spin:

Your 38 yr. scenario doesn’t bother me; I’m 62, now, and I still, smoke drink, gamble, go to topless bars and carry a handgun. I really don’t expect to live to be 100. Maybe we can rent one of those small planes to fly over GW’s ranch, trailing a banner that says,”ARTICLE IV, SECT. 4″, U.S.CONSTITUTION. That way GW can say to his old, terrorist-looking pal, Vicente, “Gee, podner, I’d like to help you’all, but that pesky old Constitution of mine says “Government must defend us against invasion”.

I will be very disappointed though, that I never got the chance to take target practice at these illegals crossing the border, down here, in San Diego. Or, watching the Liberal pols and media wring their hands as we arrest all of the illegals in midnite sweeps, larvae and all. But, I’ll probably never be able to legitimately dunk a basketball, either.

We can only hope that more of the Illegal women coming over look like Salma Hayek….

The best bit is that last “probably”. Hope does spring eternal….