Oh Captain, my Captain

Captain Ed visualizes world peace… in a graveyard:

“United Nations peacekeepers have gone on the offensive against a militia group in Congo, deploying helicopters and killing nearly 60 people in the biggest battle fought by the world body in more than a decade.”

The wave of democratization that has accompanied the steel will of George Bush to enforce the terms of the cease-fire and UNSC resolutions involving Saddam has changed the demeanor of the tinpot dictators of Southwest Asia; it may have inflamed the ire of the Europeans in the short term, but it put a lot of credibility into American warnings. The UN has lost that credibility after a decade of fleeing at the first shot, and if they want to regain any ability to actually keep peace, they need more examples of this kind of reaction to provocation. This is a good start.”

Blessed be the peacekeepers, for they shall rack up a body count. So, it’s important for the most dangerous organization on the planet, one utterly dedicated to nothing less than destroying national sovereignty, to demonstrate its willingness to slaughter? I wish I could say that it is stunning to me, as an ex-Republican, to see the voices of the party, large and small, embracing the would-be Last Reich.

I should add that George Bush may not be Hitler, but he and his “steel will” are looking more and more like Bismarck. Unlike the president’s leftist critics, I wouldn’t dream of denying that the recent developments in the Middle East are the direct result of his decision to uphold the ideals and defend the credibility of the United Nations by invading, liberating and then occupying Iraq. I also suspect that this military muscle flexing on the part of the blue helmets is inspired by it as well.

A few years ago, I wrote a novel that began with a blue-helmeted force of UN Peacekeepers going into combat against a rebel militia force. But I never imagined that less than a decade later, we’d be reading about UN troops going on the offensive in the bloody news.