Mailvox: Another Republican bites the dust

Jeanne can’t take it any longer:

Screw the Republicans. What a flippin’ joke! 55 seats in the Senate and they slink around worried about what the Democrats think and propose tax increases! Are you ****ing kidding me!!

I was stupid enough to stick by Bush through this last election, to defend him, to vote for him and he gets re-lected with a good majority in the Senate and this is what we get? A proposed tax increase?

Baseless cowards! Screw them all. This literally raises my blood pressure spike!!!

Where is that voter registration change form…..

Unfortunately, former Democrats appear to be flooding into the Grand Old Party even faster than those who genuinely love freedom are fleeing it. Thus, one can expect the Republican Party to continue to move left, perhaps even nominating a pro-choice presidential candidate such as Condoleeza Rice. That could get interesting.

Perhaps in the next election, people will be more inclined to base their vote on less nonsensical and mathematically challenged grounds than the inevitable “a vote for [2008 Libertarian candidate] is a vote for [2008 Democratic candidate]” mantra.