More nonsense from Nipple Boy

David Brock makes an ass of himself, again:

Monday, he noted examples of how the “professional” or “mainstream media” are influenced by conservative talk radio, the Internet and think tanks. That influence, Brock said, will diminish as the conservative “lies” are exposed. “The conservatives seem to be particularly vulnerable because the quality of their research is particularly low. There is typically self-interested money behind it and of course they are simply willing to lie,” Brock told a group of interns at a luncheon at the Center for American Progress headquarters in Washington D.C….

Brock also said that the “mainstream media” is not really on the side of liberals, as many conservatives contend. “As far as the mainstream media is concerned, know that it is not on your side as much as the conservatives will like to claim that the media is liberal,” he said.

The legacy media is absolutely and almost completely on the liberal side. This is the case by any metric you can choose – political registrations, presidential votes, identifiable deological assumptions – the sole case progressive/liberals make is that the media is owned by corporations. Of course, if this is a genuine basis for ideological determination, Hollywood is equally “conservative”.