New World vigah

Nicholas Kristof makes a flawed assumption:

Other developed countries focus much more on contraception. The upshot is that while teenagers in the U.S. have about as much sexual activity as teenagers in Canada or Europe, Americans girls are four times as likely as German girls to become pregnant, almost five times as likely as French girls to have a baby, and more than seven times as likely as Dutch girls to have an abortion. Young Americans are five times as likely to have H.I.V. as young Germans, and teenagers’ gonorrhea rate is 70 times higher in the U.S. than in the Netherlands or France.

I don’t buy for a second that teenagers in Europe are engaged in anywhere nearly as much sexual activity as teenagers in the USA. Having lived in Europe for more than a quarter of my adult life, I can testify that the casual sex scene is much, much less rampant than in America. In earlier times, I also knew two foreign exchange students fairly well, one from Germany and one from Switzerland, and both of them were in delighted awe of how accessible the American girls were.

Even now, Big Chilly can occasionally be heard quoting the immortal words of our German friend, a tall, handsome fellow in the midst of a three-week, Rommel-like blitzkrieg through American maidenhood from sea to shining sea: “Oh, I luff zee American bitches!”