Me So full of it

Michelle Malkin claims to want a debate:

What a ridiculous and gutlessly underhanded stunt. During the speech, students noticed Robinson darting in and out of the ballroom. After my event, Robinson was in the back of the room kibbitzing with a Japanese American man who had come in protest and who had politely asked me a few questions about the book. I walked back and introduced myself to Robinson, and asked why he didn’t think to let me know of his visit or suggest to his sponsors that we debate. It would have been the fair and intellectually honest thing to do (and as a leader of the so-called Historians Committee for Fairness, Robinson ought to know something about fairness).

Right, now she wants a debate…. It’s particularly amusing to read this, given that she doesn’t know the first thing about intellectual honesty. What a shameless pseudo-intellectual prostitute!

And as a gutless wonder, Malkin certainly knows something about gutlessness.