Another proposed Vox book bites the dust. Just a week after the revelation of three conservative media whores on the federal payroll, MEDIA WHORES was canceled, sight unseen, by the publisher only six weeks after being signed. I’m told that the book wasn’t calculated to sell well enough to justify the marketing dollars required to push it; apparently people interested in politics are much more likely to buy books about how college professors are liberal and how those dirty, dirty Japs should be kept in concentration camps.

It’s annoying, to be sure, but it’s not a big deal. I had no desire to jump through the publicity hoops in the first place and I had no idea how I was going to find the time to play talking head for a month this fall. I’ll probably just post the first few chapters on as an ebook in the next week or so.

One thing that is a relief is that I was never completely comfortable with the notion of holding my fire when it comes to the right’s media whores as the publisher demanded, especially after the affaire d’Armstrong et al. If people want to take the Altermans, Krugmans, O’Reillys and Malkins of the world at their word, then so be it. I never will.