The merits of Moss

The Sports Guy gives an award to Randy Moss:

Best all-around performance: Randy Moss

First, he gets all the uptight guys on the studio shows in a hilarious lather. Honestly, Boomer Esiason became so angry during his pregame tirade on Moss, it was like watching Hitler give those crazy speeches in the late-30’s. (Not to compare Boomer to Hitler, but you know what I mean.) Then, Moss decides to wear Thelma’s afro from “Good Times.” Then he kills the Packers downfield, drops a few 12-letter swear words on camera while screaming at the Lambeau fans, and caps things off with a second TD and the fake moon, which drove the MAWSM (middle-aged white sports media) bonkers again. And then he took credit for the Minny win by claiming that he caused such a distraction leading up the game, everyone was focusing on him and not the annual Minnesota collapse — which was actually sorta true.

(Moss’ grade for the weekend: A-plus. You couldn’t ask for much more.)

See? If you can’t trust the Sports Guy about sports, who can you trust?