Make that a ham and swiss

Eponymous plays a quiz game:

Anyway, in case I don’t manage to get anything else posted, identify the three individuals who said the following….

2. American society does not need even one more woman lawyer, professor or junior executive. Frivolous lawsuits will be filed, students will be brainwashed with leftist propaganda, and tedious Powerpoint demonstrations will be assembled with or without female assistance. Instead, what American society needs is women strong enough to be the anchors of their marriages, the foundation of their children’s lives and the bedrock of our civilization.

So, little missy, you just go back to being an anchor, or a ball-and-chain, or whatever it is you women do, and let the MEN file the frivolous lawsuits, brainwash the college students, write the tedious science fiction novels, and run Mensa. Oh, and get me a sandwich while you’re up being the bedrock.

I found some of the responses to be pretty amusing, especially Drew Johnston, who appears to have immediately recognized my warm and soft-hearted style. But Mr. Johnston, the open contempt isn’t for WOMEN, it is for FEMINISTS. The latter is but a subset of the former.

Tedious sci-fi novels? #2 isn’t my own favorite wingnut, Orson Scott Card, is it? I don’t know who #1 could be, but I think #3 is Adam Yoshida.


Shit, Chad beat me to Card and Yoshida. Neal Stephenson can be preachily right-wing at times, but he can, you know, write.


#2 is Vox Day for sure. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any other conservatives (excuse me, “libertarians”) with that much open contempt for women.

Drew Johnston

For #2, I guess Doug Giles. Failing that, I guess “Gramps” Roberts.

Brad Reed

#2 can’t be Doug Giles. No appalling metaphors. Could well be Mr. Card, with the SF hint, and he’s been getting more and more reactionary lately, so that would work.


My favorite part was how the discussion devolved into more bitter bitching about Mensa. I can’t believe how some people get so worked up about it; they remind me of the kids at my Greek-heavy university who used to go around wearing Gamma Delta Iota sweatshirts and a chip on their shoulder. Mensa is no big deal, it’s just been an effective way to establish a unique identity in the turgid sea of political columnists.