The shuttered Window

I need a new nemesis. I am deeply saddened by the darkening of The Dark Window, which could always be relied upon to a) unaccountably miss the staggering brilliance and undeniable truth of my point, and b) provide some of the most amusing commentary on the absurdities of the right, the neo-right and the fake right to be found anywhere on the Internet.

While this was announced at The Dark Window a month ago, I refrained from commenting upon the sad developments given the proclivity of many bloggers to retire and unretire on an almost weekly basis. But unfortunately, Pete appears to be a man of his word, which comes as no surprise to me.

I wish Pete all the best and hope that some day in the not-too-distant future we will see a Dark revival, that like Sauron, Pete will rise from the ashes of Mordor to make another evil attempt upon the free men of the West. Go with the deity of your preference if indeed you have one, my dear enemy.

On a related note, I will soon be taking applications for my next nemesis. True-believing left-wing lunatics are favored, but not absolutely required, as Three Monkey Republicans, starry-eyed Malkinians and anyone who seriously refers to himself as a “bright” will all be given due consideration.