Not Hitler, just Antichrist

The Jan. 20 presidential inauguration is causing controversy—and religion is at the heart of the strife. Not only is the phrase “under God” in the president’s oath under attack from an atheist who has filed suit to stop any prayers from being said during the ceremony, now crosses have been banned from the inaugural parade.

Critics are calling it religious discrimination and censorship.

The Rev. Patrick Mahoney and the Christian Defense Coalition were granted a permit to hold a prayer vigil and demonstration during the parade down Pennsylvania Avenue on Inauguration Day. In that permit the list of prohibited “structures” includes crosses—along with bicycles, crates, coffins, cages and statues.

Mahoney is outraged. “Why were crosses singled out over any other religious symbol—the Star of David, Islamic symbols?” Mahoney asked. “This is offensive. It’s, in my view, religious bigotry.”

Apparently there would be no prohibition against a picture of a cross. A Secret Service spokeswoman, who would not consent to a formal interview, nevertheless said the ban is only against “structures” of a cross.

My theory is that the president is merely a vampire. Has he been seen in daylight recently? Oh, sure, I’ve seen the Rose Garden photo ops, but everyone knows that’s just an indoor sound stage.