He is not alone….

David Corn of The Nation talks to Armstrong Williams:

This happens all the time,” he [Williams] told me. “There are others.” Really? I said. Other conservative commentators accept money from the Bush administration? I asked Williams for names. “I’m not going to defend myself that way,” he said. The issue right now, he explained, was his own mistake. Well, I said, what if I call you up in a few weeks, after this blows over, and then ask you? No, he said.

The Elliott Wave GMP predicted less than two weeks ago that there would be a serious second-term scandal for the Bush administration as the bear market resumes. I wonder if we may have just seen the tip of the iceberg with Mr. Williams’ propaganda debacle.

And there’s nothing conservative about someone who takes federal money to commit propaganda. I’m no fan of The Nation, but here’s hoping they smoke out all the secret shills for strong government.