Purple power!

From Sports Illustrated

After Sunday’s game, one intrepid Milwaukee reporter tried to extract a few comments from Moss in the Vikings locker room.

He might as well have been playing the state lottery, because his chances would have been better. The transcript of the colorful exchange is as follows:

Reporter: “Randy, would you take a question?”

Moss: “Everybody but Green Bay, homey. If you’re from Green Bay, the hell with you.”

Reporter: “What about Milwaukee?”

Moss: “Nope. You’re part of Wisconsin, homey.”

The only thing that would improve that interview is if Moss had called the reporter a damn cheesehead and followed it up with another mooning. I don’t know how people can still try to assert that Green Bay’s primary rival is the Bears. The all-time record is practically even, the games are a HUGE deal at every office in Minnesota,

As for the cheeseballs in the media suffering fainting spells over the fake moon on Sunday, get a life, please. That was absolutely hilarious, as most Green Bay fans will readily agree. The Viking-Packer rivalry is intense but is better-natured than most since so many families are split on the matter, and Moss not only took it well but openly cracked up when the UW marching band ragged on him with their WHERE YOU AT MOSS horn section.

Besides, Daunte is so mellow that the Purple need the lunatic distraction that is Randy Moss. A model citizen he isn’t, but he’s an excellent receiver and has a sense of humor and, yes, team spirit* that his evil twin, Terrell Owens, doesn’t.

Speaking of Daunte, I can’t possibly go without commenting on this: 3 games against Green Bay. 12 TD passes. 0 interceptions. Step back! I won’t say that we’re going to beat the Eagles, but I will say that we have a better shot than most people think. Our defense is no match for theirs, but I’ll take Daunte over Donovan every day and twice on Sundays.

*A failure to go 100 percent when the game is all but over does not necessarily indicate a selfish individual. Moss plays hurt and doesn’t throw hissy fits about playing decoy or not getting enough balls like Owens, Rice or even good guy Priest Holmes. If he wasn’t a good teammate, he wouldn’t enjoy the support of players like Nate Burleson, Moe Williams and other solid role players.

UPDATE: Peter King of SI adds: “Tight end Jermaine Wiggins typified what this team was feeling about Moss, which is this: They don’t want him to be traded, under any circumstances. “Randy’s a player,” Wiggins said. “All I care about is he comes to play every Sunday. All the other stuff … if he does it, it’s a big deal. If someone else does it, it’s water under the bridge.””

And since King brought it up, yes, I thought John Randle crawling and lifting his leg like a dog after sacking Favre was funny too. It’s a sport, people, it’s a game. It’s supposed to be fun.