The merits of anti-semitism

Cologne Archbishop Cardinal Joachim Meisner has issued an apology for remarks made in a sermon comparing abortion to the mass-murder crimes of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. Meisner, under pressure after his remarks stirred sharp criticism by the Central Council of Jews in Germany and other groups, said he regretted that his words could be misunderstood and had he thought they would be, then he would not have made them.

“I am sorry that it has come to this,” the Catholic archbishop said about the controversy surrounding his 6 January Epiphany Day sermon in the Cologne Cathedral.

In his sermon, Meisner said “first it was Herod who had the children of Bethlehem killed, then Hitler and Stalin let millions of people be destroyed, and today, in our times, millions of unborn children are being killed”.

Paul Spiegel, the president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, sharply criticised the sermon, saying that equating abortion to the genocide carried out by the Nazis was an insult to the millions of Holocaust victims. He called on Meisner to apologize.

Let’s see… preaching against the murder of hundreds of millions of unborn children worldwide and comparing it to several historical mass murders is somehow an INSULT? Isn’t using the memory of the Holocaust to prevent future atrocities that the whole freaking point of the phrase NEVER AGAIN? Are you freaking kidding me? I made precisely the same comparison in my column yesterday and if Herr Spiegel wishes to call on me to apologize, I’ll definitely have some words for him.

And while “sorry” might be among them, it will only be an adjective referring to the state of Herr Spiegel’s posterior.

The Jews are far from the only historical victims of genocide. They are not even the most recent victims. Now some of them seem to wish to make make a profession out of running around screaming “never forget” while simultaneously ignoring or even supporting the very same sort of evil being unleashed in places like the Sudan and the abortion clinics around the world.

I’d never understood how the medieval kings found it so easy to get the common people to hate the Jews in their midst. But if those medieval Jewish leaders were anything like the idiots running the ADL, the ACLU and the Council of Jews, one can see where the idea of persecuting them would have held some appeal.