Adieu, sweet Tucker, adieu

CNN has ended its relationship with the conservative commentator Tucker Carlson and will shortly cancel its long-running daily political discussion program, “Crossfire,” the new president of CNN, Jonathan Klein, said last night…. Mr. Klein said, “We just determined there was not a role here in the way Tucker wanted his career to go. He wanted to host a prime-time show in which he would put on live guests and have spirited debate. That’s not the kind of show CNN is going to be doing.”

Yes, we can’t have any of that nasty debate stuff, can we. The role of the media is to inform, propagandize and brainwash in a one-way medium to the passive absorber, who is not to think or question, but simply accept what we declare to be fact.

And the CNN executives wonder why they’re being gagged, hog-tied and raped by Fox News in the ratings. I think more public insults of their potential viewers will probably help, don’t you?