A boot or a bullet

For the past 60 years, gun enthusiasts have been firing rounds at the San Gabriel Valley Gun Club, the largest shooting range in Southern California. But now the club is in the crosshairs, since residents of the city of Azusa say it no longer fits in with the area’s increasingly suburban way of life. Some are lobbying the City Council to adopt a new general zoning plan that would force out the gun club when its lease expires next year.

That move has the shooting range firing back, saying it’s been a good neighbor by providing a service not only to its members but also to police and the military. But people who live nearby say they’ve put up with relentless gunfire echoing throughout the canyon, hour after hour. The firing gets so loud, they say, that they have to stay inside all day to get any peace and quiet.

I absolutely HATE this mindset. The club has been there for sixty freaking years, then people move in and want the area changed to suit them. SO DON’T MOVE THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE, YOU MORONS!!!! Forget the national border fiasco, communities should be allowed to give newcomers provisional residency permits. If a new resident makes any political effort to change anything about his new community in the first ten years subsequent to his arrival, he gets ridden out of town on a rail.

Alternatively, one could simply go with the ANC approach of one settler, one bullet.