All hail the White Buffalo

Tuesday night of last week J, D, and I are playing Mexican and drinking a bunch and I think, “[Gypsy Chick] and I are going to Florida for our New Years trip, I gotta make my picks.” So I pull out the computer and make a bunch of crazy-ass upset picks, laughing with Josh the whole time saying “I’m totally out of it, so if the world turns upside down, this’ll get me somewhere.”

[Gypsy Chick] and I are leaving first thing Friday morning, so Thursday afternoon I think, “What was I thinking, I need to change those stupid picks to something reasonable.” Well….I had just set up a new DSL line, and when I went to change them, I couldn’t get online. I sat over my computer for two hours cursing and pissed the whole time, then finally said, “Ah screw it, I’m out of this thing anyway.” And off to FLA we go.

We’re sitting on the beach yesterday and [Gypsy Chick] asks if I want to go watch football and I said no because we were done for the season anyway and the Vikes would surely somehow back into the playoffs no matter what happened. So I didn’t see a second of football yesterday, and I got home after midnight, so I had heard no scores.

This morning I’m driving to work and I call Chokechain because he had left me a message while I was gone. The first thing he says is, “Holy Crap! How did you do that!” And I have no idea what he’s talking about. He then informs me of my prognosticating motherload yesterday. I laughed my ass off, and almost crashed my car.

Oh wait, nevermind that story….what I meant to say was…. Any moron would have known to pick those teams. You guys are idiots and you are totally my bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

In other words, Chokechain and I go from 8th to 15th in the last week of the regular season. WB nearly DOUBLES our point total on a week when everyone bombs out, takes the week and jumps from 11th to 2nd.

I have no printable words….