Mailvox: no good guys here

RC wants to spread the blame:

OK. On this article, we agree. However, I do not feel that the Dems would have acted differently. The issue is “politicians”–not just Republicans.

As I have repeatedly written, I don’t believe there’s any difference whatsoever. I vehemently opposed the foolishness of voting “the lesser” of two evils and this sort of thing is precisely why. However, Republicans can sometimes be woken up once they stop their knee-jerk defending of anyone with an (R) in front of their name. Democrats, unfortunately, generally can’t since they harbor too much love for the G. Bush’s repeated slaps across the face of conservatives and those who value freedom will eventually open their eyes, unfortunately, he’s already been reelected so it will be too late.

Keep in mind that it is the three-headed Republican government that has done this, not the Democrats, so in fairness it would be wrong to tar Democrats with it even if I believe they’d do precisely the same and that they will finish what the Republicans have started.

I have no doubt that many Republicans will be upset with me for refusing to spread the blame, but I could not care less. They’ll be a lot more upset once they realize just what they’ve been supporting for all these years. It hurts to learn that you’re not one of the good guys when you always thought you were.