My suspicions are aroused

AC Milan captain Maldini and Juventus and Azzurri defender Zambrotta spent their Christmas break in the Maldives but have rushed back home to Italy. Inter Milan’s Marco Materazzi, Livorno’s Cristiano Lucarelli and AC Milan striker Filippo Inzaghi are also reported to have been holidaying in the country and are arranging their flights home.

All players, and their families, are safe and accounted for although Lucarelli’s brother Alessandro, who also plays for Livorno, told that Cristiano had to grab his children and run for cover when he saw a tidal wave approaching.

I’m not saying that Juve was responsible for the tsunami, but anyone who has followed Serie A over the years will understand that it does look more than a little suspicious… I wouldn’t put it past them to whack Zambrotta if doing so could ensure them taking Paolo and Pippo out of the hunt for this year’s Scudetto.

Seriously, though, this terrible tragedy is a reminder that for all our power and technological achievements, Man is not supreme. We style ourselves gods and assert our ability to dictate spiritual and moral laws, and yet find ourselves humbled before a single shake in the earth’s crust. Strange, that we should find it so hard to humble ourselves before our Creator, even those of us who believe in Him.