Maybe God is the other 85 percent

TMQ ponders physics:

If Anyone Reading This Column Finds 85 Percent of the Universe, Please Return It

As Tuesday Morning Quarterback has pointed out before, physicists claim to be able to explain the Big Bang Theory, the very beginning of existence itself, but cannot locate most of the universe. Evidence suggests that about 85 percent of the universe is “dark matter” and “dark energy” that defy detection. The galaxies move as if being acted upon by far more gravity and other forces than could be produced by the matter and energy in all stars and planets, suggesting there must be another category of substantiality, called dark because it’s hard to locate. Though “dark matter” and “dark energy” appear to permeate the firmament, no test has ever detected the stuff.

The latest on this front is this report from the annual meeting of the American Physical Society, the professional group of physicists, at which researchers disclosed that the newest, most advanced search for “dark matter” has drawn a blank. The Cryogenic Dark Matter Search, super-sensitive detectors buried deep in an iron mine in Soudan, Minn., ran for two months and failed to detect so much as one particle of dark matter, though trillions of such particles should be flowing through any area the size of a toaster. So we can’t find 85 percent of the universe — but trust us, we’re experts!

And scientists wonder how anyone can possibly be skeptical….