Week 15 picks

Last week: 13-3. Overall: 135-71. Fantasy: 8-5-1 (3rd place regular season)

W-Pittsburgh Steelers over New York Giants

New England Patriots over Miami Dolphins

W-San Diego Chargers over Cleveland Browns

W-Indianapolis Colts over Baltimore Ravens

W-New York Jets over Seattle Seahawks

L-Denver Broncos over Kansas City Chiefs

W-Washington Redskins over San Francisco 49ers

W-Philadelphia Eagles over Dallas Cowboys

W-Minnesota Vikings over Detroit Lions

W-Houston Texans over Chicago Bears

W-Oakland Raiders over Tennessee Titans

L-Green Bay Packers over Jacksonville Jaguars

W-Buffalo Bills over Cincinnati Bengals

W-Tampa Bay Buccaneers over New Orleans Saints

W-Arizona Cardinals over St. Louis Rams

L-Carolina Panthers over Atlanta Falcons

I don’t like my chances in the first-round fantasy playoff game this week. My matchups are simply terrible, with Ahman Green, Rudi Johnson, Julius Jones and Onterrio Smith all going up against solid run defenses, and of all my receivers, only Lee Evans is going up against a sub-par passing defense. Sure, I’ve got a shot if Daunte goes off, but it’s a slim one. Still, it’s been an unexpectedly good finish to the season even if it ends this weekend.

And if I can somehow survive to the championship game, the matchups get significantly better next week….

UPDATE – No dice. I got off to a good start with Daunte and the Carolina defense, but my running backs and wide receivers, as I feared, were shut down. In retrospect, I should have played Eddie Kennison and Rudi Johnson instead of Brandon Stokely and Ahman Green, but even that probably wouldn’t have been enough if Corey Dillon has a decent game. Still, it was a good season nevertheless.