Sovereign immunity

So fewer than three percent of federal indictments against federal, state and local government employees ever make it to trial… the very term “sovereign immunity” betrays the way that these so called public servants think of themselves. The “sovereign” cannot commit a crime against himself, therefore any government official breaking the law in performance of his duties cannot be found guilty of a crime.

I’ve repeatedly written that America, the idea made reality, is no more. The United States is no longer the most free nation in the world; its wealth and apparent freedom are the lingering, but fading blessings that remain from a place that is now gone.

If you don’t believe me, then let’s see you go pay cash for a cell phone without showing ID. Or open a bank account. Can’t do it legally in the USA, can you? Or go withdraw $30,000 dollars and pay cash for a car. Did anyone ask you any questions, fill out any forms and send them to the government? If they didn’t, you aren’t in the United States. As for the nation’s wealth, real wages have been falling for more than thirty years now. Per capita income is higher in Luxembourg and in Norway, in other countries, such as Bermuda, Switzerland and the Cayman Islands, the gross is lower, but the post-tax net is higher. In ten years, historically impoverished Ireland will be as well.

What people tend to forget is that it now takes two incomes to maintain a relative standard of living that once required only one. Since the government continues to grow fast, the US standard of living curve is bound to continue downward unless and until serious changes are made. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats can fix this as they are the jointly responsible for the present path.

I could be wrong. I certainly hope I am. But I doubt it.