Jews and Christmas

Charles Krauthammer wishes us a Merry Christmas:

I personally like Christmas because, as a day that for me is otherwise ordinary, I get to do nice things, such as covering for as many gentile colleagues as I could when I was a doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital. I will admit that my generosity had its rewards: I collected enough chits on Christmas Day to get reciprocal coverage not just for Yom Kippur, but for both days of Rosh Hashana and my other major holiday, Opening Day at Fenway.

Mind you, I’ve got nothing against Hanukkah, although I am constantly amused — and gratified — by how American culture has gone out of its way to inflate the importance of Hanukkah, easily the least important of Judaism’s seven holidays, into a giant event replete with cards, presents and public commemorations as a creative way to give Jews their Christmas equivalent….

Merry Christmas. To all.

Burt Prelusky is even harsher on his anti-Christian co-religionists in his column on WorldNetDaily. To me, the strangest thing is this: if a minority truly fears for its well-being in a land where it is massively outnumbered, why do they consistently go out of their way to infuriate the majority?

Good interfaith relations would seem to indicate more Krauthammers and Prelutskys and fewer Foxmans and public school officials.