Mailvox: skeptic to the bone

Zink’s world is rocked:

Vox doesn’t believe in evolution? What the heck? Why not?

I’m too skeptical to believe in evolution, although I admit that it’s theoretically possible with a creator God. A God powerful enough to create Creation could have a) sped up or slowed down time, b) create a new earth that was old, or c) compressed millions of years into a few seconds. As sheer chance creating something out of nothing, forget it.

I regard evolution as a theory that is only marginally more believable than Keynesian theory. Once scientists actually replicate evolution by turning fast-breeding fruit flies into something else, I’ll take it seriously. Otherwise, it’s soft science, lacking both mathematical proof and replicable experimentation. I fully expect that future scientists will laugh at our modern beliefs in macroeconomic theory and evolutionary theory in much the same way that we laugh at past societies that believed in pure mercantilism and the idea that the earth was made out of the bones of a dead god. And I suspect that the universe is a much weirder place than we imagine.

If you have to hide your lack of successful experimentation behind the “it’s not practical” argument, then you’re doing little more than putting your faith in what appear to be probabilities. And anyone who remembers Long Term Capital Management knows dependable they are.