Barmy in Narnia

I very much enjoy and admire CS Lewis’ CHRONICLES OF NARNIA. One thing I’ve never actually heard anyone mention, however, is the howler he commits in the first book, (which is THE LION THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE, the books are distinctly less pleasing when read in a strict chronological order), when he has the animals using domestic appliances.

Now, I suppose that a literalist might find a case to be made in arguing that such things went out with the White Witch, who as we know was exposed, however briefly, to modern technologies on her visit to England as chronicled in THE MAGICIAN’S NEPHEW. And one could posit that Lewis was making a very Tolkein-like point about the inherent evils of industrialization by lumping the two together and life in Narnia returning to simpler, more innocent times with the rule of High King Peter under Aslan’s aegis.

Of course, to do so would be to imitate the modern literary critics who see nothing in a book but reflections of their own thoughts.