Slippery slopes

Ran needs to read more American history:

OK. 1st, your slippery slope argument is lame. Most slippery slope arguments are. Kill the terrorists in Afghanistan leads to killing Canadians and Tahitians…abortions inevitably lead to Nazis, yes Nazis!! Just a matter of time…Yeah sure..

Actually, most slippery slope arguments are very accurate. The much-mocked domino theory turned out to be correct, as Vietnam and Cambodia did go Communist. The anti-smoking laws have gone from warning labels to outright bans and, as predicted by me 15 years ago, are now beginning to encompass general “health” issues such as obesity and food. Gun registrations in New York did lead, as predicted, to gun seizures.

Only 31 years after Roe v. Wade, forced denial of treatment of the elderly is a reality and post-birth euthanasia is on the table. The connection between the eugenicist American abortionettes and the National Socialists is not rhetorical, it is direct and historical.

Furthermore, as you should have seen from the list of potential victims I presented – all of whom are groups historically targeted and massacred by a central government authority – that democide is not merely a Nazi phenomenon. In fact, over 30 percent of the current UN member states committed a statistically significant democide during the 20th century. America’s embrace of abortion is an early indicator that it is more likely to commit one than not in the 21st.