Mailvox: making a list, checking them off

Ran wishes to be mindful of the majority:

Only 19% of the American population say they oppose abortion under any circumstances, and many of that minority have of course had a family member or friend they know of who has had an abortion and they still socialize with the “baby killer”.

Pandering to that small minority for the Republicans is like the Democrats being led by the nose by the hate America, Michael Moore minority of Democrats. Not how you become a majority Party.

More power to the Republicans for having a Big Tent where Coleman, Arnold, Rudy and company can rise and help keep the Republicans looking at the Center, rather than be the party of pro life fanatics or the war hawks

Yes, let’s keep that in mind when the elite decides that Jews, blacks, Armenians, Kurds, Christians, Muslims or the elderly are the next group to be declared subhuman. As long as the majority is fine with it, I don’t see any reason they shouldn’t be killed.

After all, when overpopulation is the problem, (as we’re so often told), the solution is fairly simple.