Get them out already

California schools cannot inform parents if their children leave campus to receive certain confidential medical services that include abortion, AIDS treatment and psychological analysis, according to an opinion issued by the office of state Attorney General Bill Lockyer.

The opinion was prompted by resistance from teachers unions and groups such as Planned Parenthood to a Sacramento-based lobby group’s efforts to help schools enact a “parent-friendly” policy requiring parental notification and consent in the wake of “medical emancipation” statutes that allow students to confidentially seek medical help off campus.

Previously it was understood that schools were allowed to enact confidentiality policies, but now the state’s top lawyer is saying they are required.

Like most such “opinions”, this one is manufactured wholesale out of nothing. But anyone with two eyes can see where this is leading. Why not just leave your baby at the hospital while you’re at it. If your kids are in a California public school, get them out… while you still can.