Staggeringly lame

The Washington Post redefines cool:

The mission of D4D (Downtown for Democracy) is to “bring the aesthetics into politics,” says Tran, and to bring some of that new aestheticized politics to the heartland. On each trip they go to a college campus, throw one huge “New York-style party” — meaning open bar, projectors and DJ — and register voters.

Their bags are packed; the iPods are ready. The last time they had a DJ along, and “I could have driven forever,” says Raza.

“This is my third trip and I haven’t met anyone I didn’t like. People are self-selecting. If you’re the kind of person who likes Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson, you’re more likely to be there.”

Right, if you like no-talent frauds who have almost been completely forgotten even before they died and who are older than my parents, you’re the epitome of self-professed hipdom. The Baby Boom has to be the lamest generation of all time; they’ve been out of it for almost three decades now without even realizing it. Just wait for all the “Retirement is cool!” junk in another ten years… they’ll be the first generation in human history to die off before finishing adolescence.

I mean, wasn’t Bruce Springsteen past his prime TWO FREAKING DECADES ago?