The wonders of Hollywood never cease

Actress Nicole Kidman was met by a chorus of boos at the premiere of her shocking new movie Birth – which sees her fall in love with a ten-year-old boy. The redhead, 37, stars as Anna, who believes a young boy, played by Cameron Bright, is her reincarnated dead husband…. The movie’s director, Jonathan Glazer, was disappointed by the reaction but is thrilled it is the front-runner for this year’s prestigious Golden Lion award.

Apparently pedophilia is okay as long as you think it’s your reincarnated dead mate. It’s too bad Mary Kay LeTourneau didn’t come up with that one quick enough, I’m sure it would have flown in court. Not that I’m inclined to shed too many tears for the poor young soul who was forced to share a bathtub with Nicole Kidman for the sake of his budding art, but it’s the precedent and the implicit advocacy that are truly apalling.

If the essence of art has been reduced to the goal of producing shock, shouldn’t Hollywood be giving the Oscar to whoever is behind the al-Qaeda beheading flicks?