This amuses me

Eric Muller chronicles the history of a Malkin post:

First it was a misdirected attack on Julie Chen. Now it’s a misdirected attack on Norman Mineta (who does not oversee the Transportation Safety Administration, which is in Tom Ridge’s Department of Homeland Security).

If you can’t even post without making multiple errors of easily established fact, you really have no business trying to delve into matters any more complex than Bush Good, Kerry Bad.

The funniest thing is that Malkin even complains Julie Chen wouldn’t respond to her email, which is doubly ironic considering a) her own continuing refusal to answer my questions, and, b) the fact that Julie Chen never said anything about her book to President Bush.

Sure, maybe she got the wrong Chen, but that’s irrelevant. As we know, Malkin believes in collective guilt where those treacherous yellow dogs are concerned.