Pick-16 Week 2

Last week: 11-5 Overall: 20-11

L – Washington Redskins over Giants

L – Kansas City Chiefs over Panthers

W – Indianapolis Colts over Titans

L – Green Bay Packers over Bears

L – Pittsburgh Steelers over Ravens

L – St. Louis Rams over Falcons

L – Denver Broncos over Jaguars

W – New Orleans Saints over 49ers

W – Detroit Lions over Texans

W – Seattle Seahawks over Buccaneers

W – New England Patriots over Cardinals

W – Oakland Raiders over Bills

W – Dallas Cowboys over Browns

W – New York Jets over Chargers

W – Cincinnati Bengals over Dolphins

Minnesota Vikings over Eagles

The game that makes me nervous is the Patriots over the Cardinals. This is the sort of game that has potential upset written all over it, even though the Patriots are the superior team in almost every way. But sure things in the NFL have an uncanny way of exploding in your face. The Vikings game could easily go either way, but at the end of the day, I have more confidence in Daunte and his receiving corps than McNabb and his. The Vikes destroyed a decent Cowboy squad coached by Bill Parcells, the Eagles destroyed a lousy Giants team coached by Tom Coughlin.

Detroit vs. Houston makes me nervous too, but Chokechain assures me that Houston looked horrid last week. I just find it as hard to imagine Detroit starting 2-0 as Indy starting 0-2. But, as the Sports Guy said, this is a tough week to call and he’d be happy to go 9-7. I’ll settle for 10-6, as long as we drop our low-weight games.

That scratching sound you hear is the White Buffalo desperately taking notes down. He’s hoping to stay ahead of Annabella this week. If he slips any lower, we may have to start calling him Annabella.

UPDATE – yeeouch! Dropping six of the 12:00 games is downright painful! I watched the Falcons play last week and NEVER thought they’d stay with the Rams. Chicago was a fluke, as if Ahman goes in from the 2, it’s 17-14, and anyhow, no one will have had the Bears so that shouldn’t hurt too much. The Carolina win hurts badly, though, although starting DeShaun worked out well. I’m not surprised he picked up a ton of yards and a score, I’m just surprised Priest Holmes didn’t pick up more. 10-6 is still possible, just not very likely.

UPDATE 2 – But unlikely is still possible, and one more win will do it. Skol Vikings!