No book for you!

I just sent a publisher an email withdrawing my proposed book on History’s Lies from consideration prior to submission. Why? Because a glance at the bestseller lists demonstrates that it’s the sort of thing that no one particularly wants to read, and it would harm the publisher to waste resources pushing something that is inadequately marketable.

Based on current non-fiction trends, it seems my two best options are as follows:

A) HEIL HILLARY: The secret life of a Nazi lesbian

B) MEDIA WHORES: Courtesans and Charlatans of the American Commentariat

Which one sounds like the more entertaining read to you? Anyhow, I’ll probably turn the chapters on the Spanish Inquisition and the Left-Wing Nazis into columns in the future. Researching the Inquisition was quite interesting, actually. I stole Robert Anton Wilson’s rather innovative footnoting approach, which allowed me to work in tangential material, such as Siegfried and Roy and other things that don’t actually have anything to do with the Spanish Inquisition, but make for a read that’s a little less dry.

It’s RAW who produced the funniest line in the history of literature, subsequent to a lengthy discussion of an infinty of Nietzsches contemplating an infinity of spiders in the moonlight: “Nietzsche masturbates too much.”