Who do we hate today?

Stow the lectures, I’m paraphrasing Helen Thomas. I was just thinking, who ARE the biggest media whores of Left, Right and squishy middle today? Hank, Pete and ihateShrub, go to town, gentlemen, I want to get your perspective on this too. Please note that media whore, as I define it, is a combination of a ravenous hunger for the camera and a certain lack of ideological principle. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I have it in for the individual, although that always adds a bit of zest to the endeavor.

On the Right, I’m thinking Brave Sir William, Me So Michelle and possibly Rx Limbaugh. I’m not quite as sure about Ann, but I’m certainly open to hearing the case for her. I quite like Jonah Goldberg, but I can see where one might be able to argue in favor of him.

On the Left, Maureen Dowd has to lead the way. I’d love to go after Paul Krugman, but he is such a defenseless little mouse and Donald Luskin and the Krugman Truth Squad have demolished him so completely that I don’t know if he’s got enough posterior left to peddle.

I’m a little handicapped in that I don’t watch enough Fox News or CNN to be up-to-date on who the most serious camera chasers are of late. So pity the poor blind cobra….