Speaking of Japan

DNG unleashes a long rant in defense of Asian women:

…a lot of white American women here in Japan are very bitter. They’re really bitter in Taiwan as well. They look at the foreign men around them who have extremely beautiful Asian girlfriends and get mad. They say to themselves: ‘He’s pathetic! If we were back home, I wouldn’t give him the time of day! I can’t compete here because Asian women are submissive!!’ That’s the attitude: Japanese women spoil everything by being submissive slaves, they upstage the Great White Gaijin Chick who rightfully belongs at the center of the universe. It certainly isn’t because white American women are paunchy and sexist and act like bulldozers. And it’s not because they’re vain and hypocritical and they look like land-bound dugongs, no sir. A white chick could never look in the mirror and reach the most obvious conclusions, could she? No, western men want to oppress somebody and Asian women are easily-oppressed whores….

I’ve never thought that Asian women are naturally slutty or weak-minded or whatever. No damned way. It’s a slur! It’s a totally racist idea and it angers me to no end to hear it, but you will seriously find a huge number of white women who actually make accusations like that. In the U.S. I’ve met white women with PhDs who express disbelief when I say that most Asian women I’ve met are tough and independent-minded. I’m convinced that these stereotypes about Asians keep circulating because they reinforce the prejudices of white women. Seriously, in all my experience it’s been almost exclusively the white women who make these kinds of snide insults. Probably 95% of it comes from white chicks, I don’t think I’ve met any other group of people in the world who have such an extreme and perverse relish for bashing Asian women. It’s disgraceful.

I tend to find this oft-virulent racism more amusingly ironic, as men of every culture, European, Asian, African and Arabic, know very well that American women are the most sexually available on the planet. This should be obvious to anyone who considers the matter, as it is simply the logical result of the United States being Ground Zero for the Sexual Revolution. Even in notorious Thailand, you usually have to pay to play; only in America can one reasonably expect sex on the first date, assuming that one even bothers with a date in the first place. I understand that England has loosened up considerably in this regard in the last 15 years, but it is still playing catch-up.

Asian cultures may be more exotically erotic, as it wasn’t the Anglo-Saxons who came up with the Kama Sutra, after all, and one has difficulty imagining the concept of a young Thai wife having to be told to close her eyes and think of Thailand, but for the most part there is still an element of propriety that is now absent in America. When studying in Tokyo, I once committed the faux pas of inviting a Japanese girl over to my host-family’s place for dinner; both she and my host family were very amused and did not tell me until halfway through dinner that I had basically proposed, and in coming over, she had accepted.

Fortunately, they all simply saw it as a joke at the expense of the clueless gaijin. That would have been a tough one to explain to Mom and Dad.