Mailvox: Vox le volt!

BT brings up the only subject that matters right now:

You and I differ politically but… who are your sleepers and guys poised for breakout years? I’ve got my own thoughts…Chris Brown, Thomas Jones, David Carr, Joey Harrington, and Carson Palmer.

Also, my general strategy is RB in the first & second round then best available in rd. 3. Share your strategical insights as I need all the help I can get.

Lastly…I disagree with 95% of what you say but you make me think and you’re firm in your beliefs. Too many people just regurgitate the crap spoon fed to them by the politicians and talking heads. You don’t and I respect that. I love reading your blogs and WND columns. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Yes, BT’s missive demonstrates why I really prefer to consider myself a healer and a uniter, crossing the vast chasm of America’s ideological differences and joining hands together in those small, but vital points of commonality, blah frickin’ blah. I can’t even write that without my stomach getting queasy. If I was Pope – don’t shoot, ET – I think I’d call for a Albigsenian-style Crusade against Unitarians. They just sit around looking all innocent and harmless, with their obese women pastors and “blessed bes”; if that’s not grounds for a good auto-da-fe or three, well, I’m not Pope John al-Mansur the Victorious.

Sorry, got a little off track there. Anyhow, strategies… mine is twofold. If you analyze the numbers, there are two to four players at each position that seriously outperform their peers. It’s more important to get as many of these overperformers as possible, which trumps the position concept BT mentioned. So, I took Ahman Green, (#3 RB) with my first pick, then grabbed Daunte Culpepper (#2 QB) with my second even though a number of very good RB and WR were available, because none of the RB and WR left were overperformers. I drafted Mike Vanderjagt (#1 kicker) a little early as well.

The other part might well be called the Schadenfreude strategy, (just to continue a theme), as I will not only be enjoying, but celebrating the pain of others when Marshall Faulk and Stephen Davis go down with injuries. Why? Because I picked up Stephen Jackson and DeShaun Foster late in the draft, both of whom are reasonably likely to see serious playing time this season.

As for your sleepers, I very much like Chris Brown and am very annoyed with my brother for snagging him first. Thomas Jones, it’s hard to say. The Bears will be better, of course, if only because it’s hard to gain yards or points with Mr. INT always turning the ball over at the first opportunity. I like David Carr, but don’t see him breaking out and I think Harrington will disappoint. Yes, he’s got weapons but I don’t think he’s got what it takes to get it to them. Of course, I could be bitter about picking him up as a third QB instead of Bulger last year and essentially handing the title to the Wheeler Dealer. I debated that one for ten minutes, going back and forth and back and forth, and I still rue the day.

I am optimistic about Carson Palmer, which is why he’s backing up Daunte. Kitna was more than solid last year, and one hopes that Cincy knows what it’s doing in promoting Palmer over him. And I need him to perform even if he never starts a game for me, since Chad Johnson is my #1 receiver. That darned White Buffalo snatched Randy Moss right from under my nose; I was forced to make do with CJ and Marcus Robinson. I did get McCardell late, for a nice value pick if he gets his contract worked out soon, and Jerry Porter could work out very well indeed now that Brown is gone if Gannon comes back to form.

The best thing about our league this year is that last year’s champion and the most serious player couldn’t get online until the third round. So much for months of pre-planning! He got stuck with the most fragile backfield in the history of fantasy football, Marshall Faulk and Fred Taylor. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy… heh heh heh.