Licking the jackboots

Michelle love the FBI long time:

Oh, give me a break. Getting shocked with cattle prods for practicing one’s faith is the “stuff of totalitarian regimes.” Getting locked up in an iron maiden for losing a soccer match is the “stuff of totalitarian regimes.” Answering a few questions about possible domestic terrorism is the stuff of responsible citizenship….

Some of those who have been questioned by the FBI say they were “harassed” and scared by armed agents who visited their homes. Boo hoo. What do they want the agents to do? Would showing up in clown suits with squirt guns in their holsters make them feel less frightened? These are serious men and women doing serious jobs in serious times. Grow up.

Is shooting an unarmed woman in the head the stuff of totalitarian regimes? I’m just looking for clarification here. And did she actually say “grow up”? I know some lefties have made the comparison, but I tell you the truth, Michelle Malkin isn’t fit to replace the color cartridge in Ann Coulter’s inkjet. Be responsible, comrade, and answer the questions. Er, that is to say, citizen. Interesting to see how quickly the Federal focus has insensibly shifted from foreign terrorists to suspected domestic troublemakers… never forget that in the government’s eyes, we are all potential terrorists and those who are committed to freedom are considered more potential than most.

Anyone who’s had an encounter with the FBI, the DEA, the ATF or the IRS and the way they throw their thuggish weight around knows that Michelle has no idea what she’s talking about here. Who wants to further her education in matters of federal comportment by placing an anonymous call to the DEA and informing them of the meth lab in her basement? And is it not imperative that the FBI learn of her intimate relationship with an Abu Sayyaf leader?

Smile when you answer those questions, Ms Responsible Citizen.