This week’s sign of the Apocalypse

Dark Window sets aside the mushrooms long enough to hit it out of the park with a much-needed smackdown of the latest neoconservative insanity:

Here is the proposed Lucom Plan to End Terrorism (subject to modification):

That “subject to modification” means he’ll change it a little and write another column about it next month. Here are a couple of his latest ideas:

1. All terrorists are declared criminals, subject to arrest on sight for the act of being terrorists. Due process, of course, must be observed.

Hmmmm…Something sounds fishy here…The “act” of “being.” Well, anyway, as long as it’s “on sight” I think we’ll be okay. Too bad Annie Jacobson didn’t have the Lucom Plan on her Terroristic Flight of Doom.

3. A $250,000 reward is payable by the State Department for information leading to the arrest and conviction of individual terrorists, in accordance with its reward program, to assist in preventing acts of national and international terrorism and other related criminal acts. A $1 billion reward is posted for the capture of Osama bin Laden.

That really big reward is the hallmark of the Lucom plan. It has graced every iteration I’ve read so far.

4. Any nation willfully and deliberately violating this United Nations resolution will be fined $5 billion for each violation. The U.N. or U.S. armed forces will enter the non-cooperating country to eliminate the terrorists and any terrorist training camps. Nuclear weapons can be used if considered necessary to save the lives of U.N. or U.S. troops, as President Truman used nuclear weapons in Japan. (This point expressly subject to modification.)

You know, on the off chance that people might actually object to having their country nuked.

This is so profoundly stupid that it practically strikes one dumb with awe at the sight of its towering idiocy. How is a terrorist defined, the same way that the FBI defined the 19 9/11 hijackers, seven of whom are still living after supposedly having crashed a 757 into the WTC? Isn’t there already a plethora of fines being offered for various undesirables? Note the now-obligatory neoconservative Republican kowtowing to the UN, as Wilson advocates nuclear attack in defense of UN resolutions. And on what basis is the UN fining these nations? Who collects and receives the fines… the same entity that hands them out? Hmmm, I wonder how that will work out.

I recently wrote that if you scare a woman enough, she’ll embrace death camps. Scare a crazy man and he’ll embrace indiscriminate nuclear attacks. When I read this sort of lunacy, I begin to understand the global elitist’s burden.