Mailvox: I don’t think he reads this blog

BM writes:

I am still rankled over that episode with the GOA owner, who I have forgotten his name. Bill O’Reilly just ramrodded him. Mr. O’Reilly just popped off on some standard stuff. I don’t think he had any knowledge on the subject. Then in an episode the next day he claimed to be acting facetiously when he referred to bazookas. I think what happened is the next day he did a little “after the fact” research and discovered that the AWB has nothing to do with machine guns. As for me, if the AWB expires I’m going to buy an AK-47! I got my eye on that!

P.S. – I enjoy your articles. You make your point but you never resort to nihilism or vulgarity.

Apparently he missed The Ballad of Sir William. In my defense – as I’ve already pointed out to one emailer – the reference to male genitalia is in the original. Not that I ever considered passing up the chance to add what Dark Window cheerfully describes as “a few quick kicks in the groin” for a second.