Mailvox: Yeah, that’ll happen

DS waxes enthusiastic:

I just recently read your article on Mr. O’Reilly’s “Fraud Factor,” and happen to be in total agreement with you…so, I forwarded a copy of your article to him and requested that he invite you. P.S. I also sent a note along with it telling him that I happen to agree with every word you said! Now let’s wait by the phone.

I wouldn’t hold your breath. If O’Reilly is afraid to have Badnarik on his show, he’d have to be completely insane to throw down with me. He doesn’t have the principles, the education, the ideological knowledge or the intelligence to survive, and he’s smart enough to know it.

Look, the guy’s no dummy. He’s sharp enough to position himself as a conservative, which beautifully differentiates him from all his competitors even though he isn’t one. If nothing else, he has a solid handle on the iron Law of Supply and Demand. I don’t despise the man; I rather think his astute salesmanship deserves respect and I have no doubt that he’ll continue to be successful as long as conservatives buy into his act. But I doubt he’ll take the risk of allowing anyone on who is likely to puncture the illusion.