Anybody got some rope?

From WND:

Undaunted by Kofi Annan’s rejection of a plan for United Nations monitoring of the U.S. presidential elections this fall, Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, D-TX, is taking her case to Secretary of State Colin Powell. Johnson has urgently asked Powell to make an official request that the U.N. provide observers for the Nov. 2 elections in the United States to “ensure free and fair elections.”

Thirteen Democratic congressmen, led by Johnson, sent a letter July 8 to the U.N. general secretary requesting the presence of U.N. representatives in every county of the country during the voting process and any vote recount afterwards.

The U.N. immediately responded that such a request could not be accepted unless if came from the U.S. government. Otherwise, a spokesman said, it could be considered “intervention in a country’s sovereignty.”

The U.N. response confirms that Rep. Johnson and her treasonous compatriots are actively working to subvert US national sovereignty. I’m no Republican, but I’d certainly support giving these Democrats a fair trial, then hanging them. Well, I would, if I didn’t think it was a horrible idea to give the State the power of life and death, I should probably say.

Fine, in this case, we can make do with exiling them. I don’t think they’ll enjoy it quite as much as the immortal expatriate, Fred.