Release the video

Hey, if we can rent Pam and Tommy’s wedding night nuptials at Blockbuster, why shouldn’t we be able to watch the hidden video of Mr. Sandy Berger “sloppily” sneaking out documents from the National Archives. It’s a publicly owned camera and public property, after all. That video should immediately settle the question of whether Mr. Berger was actually stuffing papers down his pants or not.

Of course, being a protege of Bill Clinton, Berger will probably insist that he was doinig nothing more than innocently trying to impress a secretary at the front desk with the bulge of his oversized genitalia.

Joe Lockhart, Clinton’s former spokesman, says Berger “categorically denies that he ever took documents and stuffed them in his socks,” according to CNN.

“That is absurd,” said Lockhart, who is now advising Berger. “And anyone who says that is interested in something other than the truth.”

Former Clinton aide Lanny Davis wants the official who leveled the sock-stuffing allegation to come forward and make the claim publicly.

“I suggest that person is lying,” the news channel quotes him as saying. “And if that person has the guts, let’s see who it is who made the comment that Sandy Berger stuffed something into his socks.”

These old Clinton lieutenants obviously still think we’re suckers. If they’re getting huffy about how the papers weren’t in his socks, we’ll probably find out that they were in his shoes and his underwear.

UPDATE: Jonah Goldberg writes: Byron York has an excellent piece on Berger. He says that the documents Berger took were said to be 15-30 pages. So, if the Post is right, Berger took somewhere between a minimum of 75 and a maximum of 180 pages worth of the same document, in five to six drafts, over two separate occasions… inadvertantly. That is, he took them from a secure room, in a leather portfolio, all the while sneaking notes out “knowingly.”

Sadly, York’s piece states that there were no cameras, it was a sting setup by the National Archives people. I guess we’re stuck with Pam, Tommy and Paris.