Don’t look, don’t think

From WND

The New York Times, which yesterday buried the story about a former national security adviser caught shoving highly classified documents in his pants, today suggested in a news story the scandal of the missing documents might hurt his chances of becoming secretary of state.

Sandy Berger, national security adviser during the Clinton administration, is facing a Justice Department investigation for rifling through files in the National Archives in preparation for the 911 Commission hearings.

He admits taking papers home and now has no explanation as to where several are.

I’m just curious to know why anyone believes what the government was saying about Waco, OK City and TWA 800 considering that we now have proof that a top administration official of that era is manifestly willing to destroy documentary evidence. Furthermore, what reason do we have to believe that the current administration’s officials are any different with regards to the events that happened on its watch?

As Bob Schultz has discovered, all the documents related to the discussion of the 1913 income tax, and, I would guess, the Federal Reserve as well, are now missing from the National Archives. But missing documents and officials sticking papers down their pants is all innocent, I’m sure. Nothing to hide, don’t look, don’t think, just believe what they say and do as you’re told….