Back in the saddle again

From the Sun: FORMER President Bill Clinton is having a passionate affair with a wealthy divorcee behind wife Hillary’s back, a US magazine claims. The allegation comes in the wake of the publication of Mr Clinton’s autobiography My Life, in which he talks about his infamous fling with Monica Lewinsky.

But the National Enquirer alleges that Mr Clinton, 57, has been seeing a beautiful blonde for more than a year at a hideaway in Westchester County, New York. The magazine does not name the woman, but says she has several young children and got millions in a divorce settlement a few years ago. She is allegedly the daughter of a wealthy Clinton supporter.

An insider tells the Enquirer: “Bill Clinton has been sneaking off to the home of this woman for late-night trysts after her kids are in bed.”

You just can’t keep a bad man down. Or in Bill’s case, shut him up. I thought the whole idea was to move on?