Jeffrey Sarver writes in to WND: If enough Republicans vote for Peroutka, then we will end up with President Kerry. How awful would that be? The malcontents would be worse off than ever before and would have proven nothing. If Petrouka is so great, he can run in 2008 when he can actually have a chance to win after spending the period from 2004-2008 exposing his plans and ideas to a wider, more receptive Republican constituency. I am amazed at how stupid some of your readers are sometimes, throwing their little tantrums because they don’t get everything they want RIGHT NOW.

Republicans’ favorite word for people who support principle over the naked pursuit of power is “tantrum”. Ironically, the word better describes the emotional, whiny argumentation that is expressed in this letter. If one compares eight years of Clinton with eight years of George Bushes, one can only conclude that a Kerry presidency will not be significantly different than what we’ve experienced for the last sixteen years.

The only thing that is stupid, in my opinion, is Republicans believing that George Bush will do anything but continue along the path to less freedom, less liberty and less national sovereignty. You cannot go north by driving south. There is not a single Constitution or Libertarian Party supporter who believes they will get everything they want right now. However, most of them understand that the Republican Party has zero intention of ever working for any of the liberty they seek, now or in the future.

Do you?