Mailvox: UNtwins

AH writes: You’ve stated on your blog that you believe Bush is not protecting our national sovereignty, and among other things, you’ve cited this as reason why a Bush vote would not be in support of your principles. In general, I agree, and don’t plan to vote for a major party. However, you’ve also suggested that Kerry would be no worse for the country. On the issue of UN power over me and you, doesn’t Kerry seem a bit more dangerous? His real aspirations are probably closer to world president than US president. He’s made statements, in concert with his party’s platform, that the UN should be strengthened. Bush, although lacking vision on the subject (as he does on so many), has at least shown that he can take action apart from world approval. Bush may be dangerous (witness LOST), but Kerry is potentially lethal. Am I missing something? If not, are you willing to gamble that there will still be a sovereign US to govern by the time the two-party system is broken, if ever? This is the issue that most causes me to hesitate in taking my vote away from Bush.

The idea that Bush somehow challenged the UN is a fallacy. He went to the UN, asked permission to invade Iraq and received it. Worse, he characterized the invasion as supported by a UN resolution, and his State Department is actively working to turn Iraq over to the UN. LOST is a major deal, as it would provide the UN with one of the two things it needs to begin instituting global governance: an independent revenue source. I see zero substantive difference between Bush and Kerry on the UN; both support sacrificing US sovereignty to it. Kerry is a more open cheerleader, but that is irrelevant.

I do not gamble. I think it is unlikely that American sovereignty will be preserved in any case, simply because 99 percent of the populace has no more idea that it is being lost than did the citizens of the formerly sovereign united States when their sovereignty was given to the federal government. It is the same process as here and in the EU, only writ larger. Does this concern me? Yes, but not overly, as I strongly suspect that I know how this will play out – which is not as the players believe it will.