Mailvox: Lapis Astronomicus

Nathan asks:did you make the Space Bunny game for your wife, or did you give your wife a nick- name from a game?

Actually, we were attending a gaming industry trade show in LA, and one of the publishers was pushing a game called “Space Bunnies Must Die”. It was a lousy 3D shooter, so I have no idea why they were devoting so much marketing money towards it, but anyhow, there were numerous booth babes dressed up as Alison – the girl on the cover – who was apparently supposed to be their sci-fi answer to Lara Croft.

We both found this amusing, as SB looked far more like Alison than any of the booth babes who represented her. A few moments later, I was getting our registration IDs, and they had a system that allowed you to type in whatever name you wanted. So, for hers, I typed in Space Bunny and she laughed when I gave it to her. She put it on and neither of us thought any more of it for years. But, when I needed a nickname for her, it was the first thing that sprang to mind.

Like her, it’s cute, vaguely offensive to feminists and has a certain light-hearted mystique. And yes, Space Bunny is quite aware of my regard for Miss Coulter. She and David Spade are the two people with whom she has politely forbidden me to leave the house. My friend Firestarter may be in that elite group as well now, I’m not quite sure….